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WAD Ltd. – Wood Art Design

WAD Kft - egyedi bútorok tervezése, gyártásaWAD Ltd. is in totally Hungarian property, recent corporation form works since 2005, but actually exists from the beginning of the 90's.


We produce unique furniture and interior decoration equipments with an exclusive quality in our 800 square meter workshop, which operates with well-equipped joiner machines and 8 educated workers. These furniture can made by own or interior designer's plan.


The Wood Art Design's main profile is the furniture manufacturing: kitchen furniture, room furniture, office furniture, hotel equipments, and unique furniture. The furniture can made of laminated material, veneer, spray painted MDF (HVLP technology), always according to the customer's idea. We help you with the planning, production of the furniture and building it in at the scene. In addition we deal with individual exterior-inner doors and windows, furthermore exhibition installations.


Please, take a look at our reference gallery, which may win your approval.

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